Jeni's Ice Cream

Summer time has really afforded us the opportunity to explore our city some as we are not tide down to school schedules.  Last week we drove into the city and picked up nana and grandpa and explored a side of down that we normal would never go to.  We had heard through a friend of this really yummy ice cream place called Jeni's and so off we went.  The ice cream didn't disappoint.  I had the roasted strawberries and buttermilk ice cream, Addy had sweet cream, nana had Savannah Buttermint and Espresso, grandpa had bramble berry pie, Ivy shared with all of us, and Avery had salted peanut butter and chocolate chip. We missed not having Roman with us as he was at Boy Scout Camp  So so yummy!  The shopping center that Jeni's was located in was super cute with shops you don't see in your average strip mall.  We can't wait to go back and try some more flavors at Jenis and maybe one of the restaurants nearby.


Nancy Chan said…
I would love an ice-cream too for this afternoon. Have a wonderful day!
Anonymous said…
Just had some ice cream before I got to your blog. Yes, that's one thing to do with Nana's: eating ice cream! One of the great past times for summer. Ice cream, the beach, picnics, hikes up the mountain!
Many Thanks for sharing the ice cream fest with SEASONS - you have a knack to make your posts interesting even if it's about simple daily things:) Have a great week, Kelleyn!
Ida said…
How fun! What different flavors they had, they sounded good though. The little ones are so cute.

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