Breakfast in Buckhead

Breakfast isn't something I usually eat out as mornings are pretty hectic around our house usually trying to get one person to one location or another; but shortly before school got out my mother and I stole a morning away from our normal routine and ate breakfast at the Buttermilk Kitchen. Located in Buckhead this restaurant is super fun to dine at at the decor reminds you of eating at an old farmhouse. My only complaint would be the prices as in my opinion they were a little on the expensive side, but the food did not disappoint. The biscuits were amazing slightly crispy on the outside while tender on the inside. Just thinking about it my mouth is watering. The restaurant does not over a large selection of items to eat, so if you are looking for a menu with more than a half dozen choices you will need to go somewhere else to eat. I choose the french toast which is something I always order when I go out to breakfast as I seldom make french toast at home, and my mother had the scrambled eggs, biscuit, bacon, and hash brown plate. I have now lived in Atlanta for almost 13 years and I can't say it enough that I am beyond thrilled that I continue to learn and discover new things about this amazing city I live in. Do you have a favorite breakfast place you like to eat at in your city?


Ohmydearests said…
looks like fun! I prefer a smaller menu... makes it easier to choose!
Anonymous said…
Yes, heard that Atlanta is a fantastic city! From the looks of it, this is a cosy place, and if the food is good, it would be on my list of restaurants! Here it is Early Toast I like the best up till now, because of their wide variety of crepes,waffles and friendly service. Many thanks for sharing your French toast with SEASONS!
Also thanks for you comment - that would be disappointing when a big city doesn't have a good farmers market. Wouldn't they have several (that's the case where I live)? Hope eventually you'll find a good one! Have a great week!
Ida said…
Yum! French toast would be my choice too. Sounds like a nice place to eat.

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