Winston Goes to Philedelphia

The last two days photos have been streaming into my e-mail account.  Frank and Winston are in Philadelphia this week.  Frank has a conference for his work there and Winston tagged along.  Winston loves to travel.  He loves history, so it was only natural that he was the one to be picked to go along. Winston has this crazy ability to remember details of history that no one else does.  He is a great travel companion because he wants to see it all.  Yesterday the two went after lunch to see Independence Hall the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, saw the Liberty Bell, and then made videos of themselves running up and down the stairs where Sylvester Stallone ran up in the movie Rocky.  Today they went to Hersey, Pennsylvania the home of Hersey Chocolate and Hersey Park.  I am sure they are screaming their heads off as they ride the roller coasters.  Hersey Park is actually my favorite amusement park here in America because it has something for everyone, and if you get too hot they have a great water park inside to beat the heat.  The smell of chocolate in the air isn't too shabby either.

Happy 17th Anniversary to my amazing husband!
Love you more with each day!


Francesca said…
as busy as your husband is, it's so good that he always manages to spend time one to one with the kids!

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