Butterfly Festival

Last Saturday was a busy day for our family. In the morning we attended a baptism for our friends children Grace, Tyler, and Cayman.  Such a sweet moment for their families I am grateful we were invited to see their children accept the Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ into their lives.  Then it was on to the Butterfly Festival in Dunwoody at the Dunwoody Nature Center with our good friends Kristi, Logan, and Evan.  It was our first time at this park and we can't wait to go back and take a walk through the wood there once the temperatures cool off.  While the festival was no Butterfly Conservatory like the one we went to at Key West the children still had fun seeing the butterflies, eating snow cones, making butterfly crafts, and seeing the bird of prey show where they learned about Screech Owls and Falcons.  Then becomes it was so hot we had to finish our day with a dip in our friends pool.  I love summer!


the girls are getting so big!!
Lovely photos of beautiful children!!! Your photo has gotten so good! Are you shooting in Manual? XOXO
Theresa said…
Look how cute the kids are!!
Kelly said…
Love the pictures of your kids.

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