Avery and Adelaide's Room

Wow!  It was a crazy day today.  I spent the majority of the day in the car taking children from point A to point B and running errands.  The day was made even longer by the amount of traffic on the way to Winston's scuba class. The one thing I have been wanting to finish was the girls rooms.  I feel a little guilty that Avery has only been home almost 8 months and her room wasn't finished, so in between all the driving I finally got their rooms put together. Actually, I have one more thing to add to Avery's room which are some Chinese lanterns that I purchased while in Zhengzhou at Walmart, but I figured it was better now or never.  Avery's room is a East meets West theme with a touch of shabby chic.  Adelaide's room is Country Cottage. If you remember Addy's room was actually a Paris theme, but with the addition of Avery I changed it some so that she would not be jealous.  As I was taking the photos of the rooms I came to the realization that in a few months the rooms will change again as the girls transition to their big beds. No more babies!  Not sure how I feel about that, but at the same time I am enjoying watching them become little girls.

Addy's Room

Avery's Room


Love love love their rooms. You house such beautiful ceilings.
Dana said…
And the amount of space...oh my word! I'm jealous.

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