Her Party

Interview with Adelaide
Me:  Addy what is your favorite food?
Addy:  I like Macaroni and Cheese and Chocolate.  Other than that I still don't like food that much!
Me:  Addy what is your favorite thing to do?
Addy:  I love playing with my baby dolls and when I am not doing that I love to be outside playing in the park, driving my car, and playing in the sand.  I really like bubbles too!
Me:  What do you want to be someday?
Addy:  I don't know, I am only two!  I still have a few years to think about it!
Me:  Do you have any goals for the upcoming year?
Addy:  I would love to stop drinking from a bottle, but I love it so much.  I am not such a fan of a sippy cup, though I do like drinking from a real cup.  I also want to learn how to go potty in the toilet.
Me:  What was your highlight of the year?
Addy:  Well as you know it isn't traveling.  I hate being in my car seat, but I sure do love going to pre-school. I am also proud of the fact that I can put two words together like this way, nice job, thank you, and out please.  I can't believe I went from speaking a handful of words two months ago to saying a couple hundred words.  I have the boys beat on this one!
Me:  Adelaide thank you for taking the time to sit and talk with me.
Addy:  Your welcome!  Can I go play now?


nadine paduart said…
happy birthday to your girl, who's the star here these days!!! and mind of her own too... ;)))
Shauna said…
I love her cake and she looks a lot like her dad. So cute Kelleyn. I love that picture so much. Take care,

Shauna xo
dawn said…
That was so funny and very enlightening.

Anonymous said…
So sweet, lovely little interview too! :-)

Ayak said…
She is just the most adorable little girl. Happy Birthday Adelaide xxxx
Arctic Mum said…
Happy birthday Adelaide!
Anonymous said…
she's very chatty! :)

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