It's All Good

Hi!  How are you guys?  I hope all is going well for you this week!  I have been missing in action as we have not had very good internet access.  Don't know why? Could be all the construction going on around here, but in any case it is fixed.  My teenage son is very happy to say the least.  He lives in the world of Mindcraft  right now.  Anyway, I wanted to give you and update on Roman.  A couple of weeks ago he had an MRI and yesterday we got the results.  It is all Good!  He is stable and there are no changes since his previous MRI two years ago.  Why the EKG showed dilation in his right ventricle is a mystery to us and it could be a error in measurement, or I would like to think a miracle of all the prayers that went out on his behave.  Yahoo!  Now why he was acting so lethargic is also a mystery; however, since school has been out and he can sleep later he has also been doing much better.  I guess our goal will be to try to get this little late owl to bed earlier next year.  Well, I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  I am excited that my dad will be coming town on Sunday.  Sadly, my great-aunt passed away on Wednesday.  She lived a long live filled with love.  We will be attending her funeral on Monday.  See you soon! 


Ayak said…
Good news on Roman. Hope he continues to do well.

So sorry for the loss of your great-aunt. Enjoy the time with your Dad xx
Anonymous said…
Sorry about your loss but happy for Roman.
Unknown said…
So happy that you got good news! What a relief that must have been for you!
SO thankful for Roman's report and SO sad about your aunt! Thinking of you today while you attend the funeral! Blessings and love!
Anonymous said…
super news!

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