The Trek


In the early spring of 1846, Mormon settlers left their home of Nauvoo, Illinois to travel the 1,300 miles across the United States to Salt Lake City looking for a place where they could worship in peace.  This exodus west continued for another 20 years.  The journey for many was far from easy and many lost their lives.  Just recently, I myself wondered how these individuals were able to accomplish such a task as I flew over the Rocky  Mountains.  Can you imagine walking across the plains and seeing the mountains knowing you would have to climb over them before reaching your final destination.  Some individuals may have never seen mountains up until this point.  In order to pay tribute to the sacrifice of these individuals the youth of our church participate in a re-enactment of this trek.  They dress in pioneer clothing, learn of this time period, and travel on a trail through the forest for several miles pulling handcarts like the original pioneers. The youth are divided into families and paired with a Ma and Pa.  They sleep outside under the stars as long as weather permits and participate in faith and testimony building exercises along their journey.  Harris attended this trek with 170 young adults who ages ranged from 14-18 with a 2 dozen or more adult leaders.  It was not mandatory that he participate, but I am so proud of him for giving three days of his summer to sacrifice and build a stronger testimony.

Harris at the beginning of the journey prior to changing into his pioneer clothing.

Did you know that early Christians had to hide in caves and live in fear because it was illegal to be Christian.  I am so grateful that I live in a country where I am able to worship the way I want.  Not everyone is so lucky. 


Shauna said…
Of course I've heard about these but have never been able to participate. One of my best friends invited me on theirs last year but I just couldn't work it out. You're right not everybody is so lucky. Turkey is rioting right now as we speak because their leader that the people voted in is turing into a dictator because he's trying to mandate Islam be the countries one religion. I often pray our freedoms will continue. Great post.

Love always,

Shauna xoxo
marie said…
What an absolutely wonderful experience for your son. We just had our trek over Spring Break, and it was truly a blessed time for all involved. The youth really reaped so much understanding and blessings for their participation and hard work. I can't wait until Emry's old enough to go.
Unknown said…
Our youth just did a Trek at Martin's Cove. What a great experience! So glad I wasn't a pioneer.
Unknown said…
This is something I didn't know about before. Thanks so much for sharing!

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