Blizzard Beach

The sky was dark, but an ultimate optimist we were going to make the best of the day.  It really turned out to be a blessing that they messed up our reservation out at the beach because the weather this week was horrible.  At least it was warm.  We set out for blizzard beach as I had promised the children we would go, so with our towels in hand and sunscreen on our faces off we went.  Blizzard Beach is a waterpark owned by Disney.  We weren't even there 10 seconds and everyone was in the wave pool.  Then it was off to the lazy river.  Winston was all about the slides.  I even got in on the action.  At lunch time we were running for cover.  The skies opened up and unleashed it's wrath.  Thankfully, the rain stopped and we were able to resume our fun.  Little did we know a tropical storm was on it's way because a few hours later the rain returned.  It rained all through the night and when we woke up this morning it was still raining, so we decided to pack our bags and head home.  We almost didn't think we were going to make it with how hard it was raining.  The big trucks splash the water up over the windshield and make it almost impossible to see.  8 and 1/2 hours later we pulled in the garage and Roman declared, "home sweet home." 
 Sorry if some of the photos seem blurry
my lens kept fogging up.
Oh and incase you were wondering why hubby and Harris aren't in any of the photos,
hubby had to work all week and Harris is at Boy Scout camp.


dawn said…
The joys of the foggy camera lens. Happens all the time to me here. The difference is, your photos are still grogeous.

We love Blizzard Beach. If you had come to Orlando next week I would have driven up to meet you.
Don said…
Sounds like you got more water than you asked for. Looks like fun anyway.
Anonymous said…
I´m always nervous about the lens when around water, gah! Looks like LOTS of fun though!
Le monde dÖ said…
Angels in paradise ;)
Anonymous said…
sounds like the right (theme park) name for a stormy day :)
marie said…
Waterparks are SO fun. I really hope I can take the kids to one this summer. I actually use to lifeguard at Raging Waters and it was such a fun job.

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