Harris Goes to Tech

This week Harris had the opportunity to attend a class at Georgia Tech on learning how the stock market works and financial planning.  He really enjoyed the experience with working with top notch professors and meeting students from other high schools.  Getting into their summer programs is pretty competitive and we are so thankful he had the opportunity to attend.


What a great experience and opportunity! Way to go Harrison!
Le monde dÖ said…
Have a nice time Harry!!!
And have a beautiful Week-end Kelleyn ;)
Anonymous said…
A good thing to learn early on! :-)

Shauna said…
This is great! Our oldest son is working on the personal management marrit badge for the Eagle in Boy Scouts. It's super intense. He has to track all of his expenses, money brought in, and he has to follow the stock market for three months! I love it. What a great opportunity for Harris. Take care,

Shauna xoxoxo
Unknown said…
That is awesome! I think that might be one of the schools my oldest is interested in because they have an artificial intelligence program.
marie said…
What a great opportunity for him. It's nice when as parents we can help provide these learning experiences for them, good job momma.
Unknown said…
What a great opportunity! Congratulations, Harris!

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