New England has a very special place in my heart because of my family.  I lived in a town called Drakut, Mass from the time I was 2 until a month before my 5 th birthday with my father and his family.  I actually lived with my Aunt Peg and her two children Warren and Mary since my dad was a single guy and my Aunt Peg was a stay at home mother.  Around just about every corner someone was related to me, but that isn't hard when your grandparents came from families where they were 1 of 9 children and the other was 1-11 children.  My family moved to the United States via England from Ireland in 1904 and 1911.  When I am in Drakut everything is all right with the world.  I am at peace.  I feel so loved.  On Monday, the weather finally took a turn for the better and we headed to  Hampton Beach to see my cousin Mary, her husband Bob, my cousin and partner in crime Shawn, his wife, and their two children, and my cousin Eddy.  We sat on the beach while the children looked for shells.  Winston was even brave enough to go in the water.  No thanks!  It was too cold for me!  Afterwards, we headed to my step-sisters house to meet her two children.  We enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch under the shade of the trees in her backyard.  My cousin Laurie and her husband were there too!  Throughout our trip we were eat wonderful food prepared by Jane and laughed our heads off from Sarah's dating stories.  Susan and her family came by on our final night and it was fun to see how much her children have grown.  Family is the best!  I am so grateful for mine.   We are heading to Flordia today.  See you when we get back!  Have a great week!


Anonymous said…
Such a family is true wealth! :-)
Family is everything! Have a wonderful time in Florida!
Unknown said…
There is nothing like being with family. Hope you have a great time in Florida!
Shauna said…
I love my family too. They are a a great blessing in my life. Have a great time in Florida.

Shauna xo
How fun! We hope to spend some time in the northeast next time we are in the States. It is an area we have dreamed of visiting, but never really explored!
marie said…
Wow, hopefully with that much family there you will make your way back there one day to live. Have lots of fun in Florida.

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