Tuesday at the Borghese Museum

I was going to tell you all about my morning at the Borghese Museum, but I think I will let Rick Steve's do that for me. Let's just say that if you have an extra day in Rome that it is worth the visit. The sculptures are amazing! Don't forget to book a reservation! After going to the Museum, I went over to my friend Yvette's house and had lunch. Yummy! She had a huge bowl of fruit on her table and we ate figs as we talked. Her daughters are so cute. It was a joy to hear to hear them sing twinkle twinkle little star in Italian. Afterward, my friend took me to one of the best bakeries in Rome called G. Antonini. Yummy doesn't even describe how fantastic the pastries are at this shop, and so many choices to choose from. Next time, I would like to go there for lunch.


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