Rome in Black and White

Piazza Navona

Circus Maximus
Bocca della Verita
Bridge of Angels

My fantastic husband!

The Coliseum at Night

On Monday, my husband had to work, so I took the hotel shuttle into the city and spent some time seeing those few spots that I hadn't been able to see on other days. My first stop was Piazza Navona. I love this square. Though if you want to take good photos don't visit it in the morning. The light is not very good. The place comes alive in the evening with street performers, artist, and all the cafes are buzzing with activity. It is something only to be found in a Hollywood movie. Then I hopped on the bus and headed toward the Circus Maximus while not much of the original site remains it is amazing to see how large of a track it is, and today the!e site is used by the city residents to run or walk their dogs. Can you imagine? If you have seen the movie Roman Holiday then you will want to visit the Mouth of Truth or Bocca della Verita located at the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. Legend has it that if you stick your hand in the mouth and tell a lie that it will be bitten off. Give it a try! By then it was lunchtime, so I picked up a panini and headed back to the hotel to change my clothes for the evenings' activities. My husbands' company had planned an evening at the Victor Emmanuel Monument for a dinner and orchestra performance. The performance was lovely and what made the evening perfect was the elevator that takes you to the top of the building where you have an amazing view of Rome.


Joyce said…
Sounds like a wonderful time. Beautiful photos too. xo
Cate said…
super duper jealous. rome is so beautiful. cannot wait to hear more about your italian journeys and live vicariously.
Don said…
Thanks for the visit. Rome is a wonder.
Laura said…
Oh, how dreamy! Looks from your posts that you are having a fabulous time! Live it up!

Laura in Ludwigsburg
Francesca said…
I've never been at the top of that monument, the view is really beautiful. Rome really is an eternal city.
Melly Mel said…
my goodness! i so want to go to rome now.
roman holiday is such a good movie!!

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