We are home after two weeks in Italy. What an amazing trip we had; however, it was so good to be home, and see my children's faces when we walked in through the door last night after an 11-hour flight. I took over 600 photos, so it might take me some time to sort through them, but I can't wait to share our experience. How are all of you doing?


Welcome back home! Can't wait to hear all about your Italian adventures!
Francesca said…
Glad to enjoy your trip, looking forward to reading about it!
Dana said…
Glad to see you back here again.
Ayak said…
Welcome home. Glad you had a good trip Can't wait to see some of the photos
Can't wait to read and see all about it!! Glad you made it home safe.
Jenna said…
Doing good! I am so excited to see all your pictures! I bet your boys were so excited to see you both!

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