Toccoa Falls

On the way home from Tallulah Falls, we stopped at Toccoa Falls. It was about 10 miles off our way, but well worth going the extra miles The waterfall is located on the campus of Toccoa Falls. Cost $0. My middle child said, "Mom this is the best waterfall so far." I guess that says it all. The boys liked playing in the pool of water that gathered at the foot of the falls. You know you are in the south when you see a snake. I am not so sure this one was a friendly one. I think it might be a rattlesnake.


Hey! Loved your photos and that place looks so beautiful,I enjoyed so much my trip to the Alps with my family.
Kisses :)
The falls.. cool! The snake.. not cool!
;) said…
Beautiful shots too ;) and bbbrrr ! what a surprise !
Dana said…
ummm....the snake freaks me out. totally.
caitlin said…
Um, gorgeous! I want to go now.. well except for that snake is trying to scare me away.
really well worth you going the extra miles!! and the snake... oh my... i hate snakes!!

ps. thanks for the tips. i've alredy read the book thief and i love it but i've never heard water for elephants but i'll look for it!!!

have a happy day
Theresa said…
the falls are wonderful
Dorte said…
Looks like a wonderful trip ... but urghhh that snake I could do without!

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