End of Summer

Six Flags

The Ninja

my speed

Skull Island

Anna Ruby Falls Uncoi State Park



Roman Cozy in his stroller


black rat snake

Helen, Georgia the boys

We wanted to do this but ran out of time

School start on Monday and so this past week has been the last hurrah week. We tried to do as many activities as we possibly could. I don't think we could have done anything more. On Monday, I took Harris to see Harry Potter #6 since Winston had seen it when Harris was in Germany. On Tuesday, we went to Six Flags. We learned that it is not for toddlers, and not for this mommy who has lost her stomach for the big roller coasters like Superman and Goliath. On Wednesday, we went swimming like just about every day then we tye dyed shirts. I took both boys to see the G Force movie. On Thursday, we went started swim lesson and went to the meet your teacher open house at the school. On Friday, we went to Anna Ruby Falls and to Helen, Georgia. Anna Ruby Falls is a perfect hike for little ones because it is only a 1/4 miles and you can push a stroller all the way up. On the way up, we saw a snake, so for the rest of the hike Roman kept saying snake-snake. It was a black rat snake which are not poisonous, but euww anyway. I almost forgot fireworks and the lazer show at Stone Mountain. It has been a full week, and now tonight is the Back to School pool party at our pool. The boys can't wait to shoot off the fireworks afterwards. Where did summer go? What was the funnest thing you did this summer?


What a wonderful adventure for the boys! Our boys are "roller coaster junkies"!!!
they really had a great summer, they have a lot of news to talk in school. that's great!!

happy day!!
april said…
we've another week of holidays here....hope you have a good start to school life. and i like your waterfall pictures. i'm in love with waterfalls....wish you a happy week*
Anonymous said…
It seems you had tons of fun! The summer holidays are over for us this year and they have been quite relaxing, no plans at all, we have just taken it easy. Have a nice week!
P.S. Im loving typepad :)
Dana said…
how fun! hope you all have a good school year :)
the best part of my summer was being with my sister. i miss her loads and loads.

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