Kaffee Klutch

I know three post in one day; however, I feel like if I don't start posting I am never going to catch up. It has been two weeks now since I have gotten back from Germany. Life in Germany is slower. It has it's own rhythm. Breakfast is to be enjoyed. Taking advantage of nature is a must and friendships are to be nurtured. Those who travel to Germany for the first time might find Germans to be cold. At first they are, but really they have big hearts and once you make a German for a friend you have a friend for life. Clubs are big over in Europe. There are clubs for just about everything. I had the opportunity while there to attend the German/American club that was organized by the city to nurture relationships between the locals and the ever present military. In my Mother-in-laws city the military has moved out, so today the club is really just Germans. Most of those who were in attendance have been in the group for ages. This club meets once a month at different members house. The hostess makes delicious cakes, coffee, and tea. This is called a Kaffee Klutch. Cake is always served with a side of whip cream otherwise known as Schlag Sahne. The cakes usually reflect what is in season. At our Kaffee Klutch we were served the classic Cheese Cake, plaumekuchen, and a kirch (cherry) nut torte. They were fantastic! When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed the day with good friends? Now that school is almost about to start mark and day on the calender and invite some friends over for cake. You will not regret it!


Joyce said…
These desserts look heavenly!! Oh my goodness... Excuse me for drowling all over the screen. Oh, oh... I am craving a piece of that cheesecake!! Will you be sharing the recipes. Or do you bake and ship? smile... xoxo

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