The first time I went to Germany 20 years ago, I have to say I was a little confused at the breakfast buffet that was set up in the hotel. It resembled something more to a combination of breakfast and lunch. Selection of deli meats, cheese, bread, jam, Nutella, coffee, tea, yogurt, soft boiled eggs, muesli, and fruit salad. We thought that was just what that hotel served until we later went to the home of some friends in Switzerland. German breakfast is something not to be rushed, but to be enjoyed. Germans are fantastic bread makers. I always tell people you will find yummy bakeries on every corner like you will find a pub on every corner in Ireland. My favorite bread is a roll that has an outside similar to a pretzel. Laugen broetchen is the name for it in the region of Hessen, but the name changes from region to region. While I grab a bowl of cereal most mornings here in America, I love breakfast in Germany.


Mmmmm, it all looks delicious! My mouth is watering. ;D
Allison said…
Yup, that pretty much describes a typical German breakfast. The deli meats were a little confusing for me at first too. I usually let my husband eat them or save them until lunch. We have started our own "traditional" Sunday morning breakfast... bacon, scrambled eggs, and croissants. It sounds way more American than it does German. Despite everything, I have to admit that the bread here is so yummy it knocks your socks off. Grüße aus Hamburg.

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