Apart of being a Boy Scout is that you need to take part in doing different task and experiences. His grandma took him on the CNN tour, to be able to complete a requirement for his communication badge. I thought he was going to come home and say how lame it was, but he really enjoyed seeing how everything works. He was the perfect age. He loved it and couldn't stop talking about the tour.


Hmmmmm, looks good sitting behind the desk; I can see him 20 years from now! ;)
Jenna said…
He is so cute. It is always such a relief when they actually like the activities.
Samantha S said…
What a great experience, he looks quite a home behind that desk.
Unknown said…
how cool is that! I graduated in broadcast journalism at BYU and would have LOVED to do something like that as a kid! I'm glad he got to see how some of it works - and the good things, not the bad politics behind it all. :)

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