Movie Review

As you know, I love movies! I especially like movies that are not your typical Hollywood cookie movie that is so predictable you know the ending before it ends. The Visitor is a Great movie. The beginning is slow, but that is what makes the story great because it opens up to you one layer at a time. The story is about a man who has lost his passion for life. He is just merely existing. Then a series of events change things in his life and reawaken the passion he once had. What I got from this movie was the question are we living our life to the fullest? Then my husband and I watched another movie called Flash of Genius. Who would have thought a story about a guy who invents the windshield wiper would be good?


Unknown said…
Wracking my brain to think if I've ever heard of this and I don't think I have. Definitely bookmarking it for the next time I get a video!
Nadja said…
Thanks for the review? What are those event that reawaken his passion?
jane said…
i really wanted to see this movie when it came- even in spanish. but it was here for about two minutes and left. will lookout for the dvd. i´ll check out flash of genius on itunes-thanks! p.s. i´ll sign you up for cv. can´t wait to see more from your corner! besos!

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