Atlanta Botanical Gardens

City skyline
Roman playing beneath the sunflowers
this is the way to do it
Moore in AtlantaAlways Happy
Summers Best

Last week after we got back from our road trip, we went with Nana to the Botanical Gardens. Despite it being extremely hot and giving Atlanta a reason to be called "Hot Atlanta", we enjoyed strolling and playing in the Gardens. The boys got completely soaked in the water feature; however, by the time we went back to the car they were completely dry. We brought our lunch and had a picnic. Peanut Butter and Jelly is totally yummy. They Gardens have done a complete renovation updating their parking lot, entrance, and now they are working on the Woodland Gardens. I enjoy going to the Gardens because not only can the children play in the children's garden, but they usually have modern art on display. Currently, the work of Henry Moore a famous British Artist is on display. He is most known for his sculptures.


Unknown said…
Great pics, looks like a cool place to go! I love that you guys are always out and about and on the move!
Jodi said…
those are great shots. thanks for stopping by my site. Those pickles are in a super spicy mustard mixture and although they're made in Maine they are far from the most popular. we're becoming a more spicy state but I think the mostly mild "bread & butter" pickles probably win out. Happy 4th!

ps - love the music

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