Corner View "What do you see at 7:45p"

Friday 7:45pI was shopping here stocking up on groceries

Saturday 7:45p
The sun was shining through the trees
My Son was doing this
My Room looked like this
Sunday 7:45pFlying on this to Germany
I will most likely be reading this
This week on Corner View challenge was to photograph "What do you see at 7:45p on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday." Since I am leaving for Germany on Sunday to pick up my son from his Oma's house, I am posting my post a little early.


malo said…
That book is on my list. And Roman, what a beautiful name. I love it. Have a happy vacation.
jane said…
i wish you could see me smiling. have a great trip! oh and that granola looks fab- i´m going to try it! thanks!
Nadja said…

have a great trip to Germany!!!! I liked the picture of you as a little girl. The granola looks delicious, maybe I'll try out that recipe!

Gute Reise und alles Liebe,

Crescent Moon said…
I'm so impressed by people whose children are getting ready for bed or already in bed before 8 p.m.. I wish that worked for me! My 8 year old was still talking to himself quietly in bed at midnight last night.
We also do most of our shopping at Publix.
Have a nice trip!
caitlin said…
You will love the Book Thief!! Seriously on my top five favorites. Great post!
Anonymous said…
Looks like everybody knows about that book, I must get it! Btw, my room looks like that on most days (don't tell anyone!)
Kari said…
I remember going to Publix. - I think it's a funny name for a supermarket.
Have fun in Germany!
Dana said…
good book choice for a trip to germany, no?

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