Painting, Monet, and Smores

A masterpiece in the making

There isn't a day that goes by that Roman isn't coloring or painting. He has now learned how to say I want to paint. He has really mastered this I want phrase and then just adds different words to the end. He also says I need... and then adds a few words. He also really loves to go outside and you will often find in on the back porch watering the flowers or sitting at the table reading his books. Last week, I took the boys to see the Monet collection at the art museum, and then for lunch at Colony square. What was funny is that they had a story time at the museum and the boys were happy to sit and listen to the stories. Later on in the day, we made Smores buy microwaving the ingredients for 20 seconds. They were a hit!


A couple of years ago they brought the French Impressionist collection here and I was thrilled! My all time favorite is Monet!!

Maybe you have one in the making??
Lisa said…
Oh my goodness, i want a smore terribly now! Your babes are cuties!

Lisa ;)
Nadja said…
smoooores!!!! aaahhhh i want one!!! :)
Palmer and Co said…
What a darling blog you have! Thanks for your visit! You have a cutie on your hands!!

Happy Day!

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