La Maddalena Island

The day before our vacation was to end we decided to check out the island of La Maddalena.  La Maddalena is located in an archipelago of islands to the north of Sardinia.   La Maddalena is just one of the seven larger islands and 55 issolotti islands that make up this archipelago. La Maddalena is the largest of these islands, and until recently were virtually untouched by tourist. My photos don't do the island justice.  The waters are so translucent they take your breath away.  To get to La Maddalena we drove north to the city of Palau.  I mentioned this city previously in another post saying that if we were to visit again I would like to stay here and the reason being is that it is more set up for tourist. Once we arrived in Palau, we bought tickets for the ferry and took the 10-minute shuttle across the waters. The ferry leaves every 30 minutes. In hindsight, we probably should have taken our car because once we got to La Maddalena we needed to take a taxi to the north side of the island to get to the beaches.  We choose to go to Bassa Trinita as the beach closest to the port was closed due to high winds.  Where to eat?  Well, silly us not knowing we could buy food at the beach ate at a restaurant at the port.  The food wasn't bad but was certainly more expensive.  I should note that I ate a dish called fregola which is a seafood dish made up of clams, chickpeas, and a small tiny bead-like pasta.  I am pretty sure the pasta was acini de pepe as we call it in the United States.  It had the most lovely broth and to date is one of my most favorite meals in Italy. I need to find a recipe for this dish so that I can recreate it at home.  Given the prices were so inexpensive at the beach we grabbed a burger on the way out.  Seriously, one of the best burgers I have ever eaten, and the fries were pretty fantastic too. Our week in Sardinia wasn't long enough as we could probably explore beaches and archeological sights for weeks, but the island will always hold a special place in our hearts and hopefully, one day we can go back.


DUTA said…
Maddalena - that's a beautiful, melodious name!
I like the family picture of your hubby and kids , their feet in the sand, and the sea and boats in the background. Lovely!
What a fun and beautiful place! That seafood dish does look yummy!
The water, the beach, the food, and all thise happy faces and a beautiful is very good,
shayndel said…
Looks beautiful!!! What a wonderful time for you all!! ♡
Great beach shots. Kelleyn! Oh yum, I see proscuitto - one of my favorites. With kids the beach is always good - they can play hard, and mellows them out:) it won't be long till your son will reach his parents' height! This was lovely and unusual location for a vacation in Europe! Many thanks for sharing it with All Seasons, and your next post may be from home, eh? Alles Gute, like the Germans say:)
italiafinlandia said…
What an enjoyable day trip!
Beautiful beach!! I would never have guessed that beach food would be that delicious. Kids look like they're having a wonderful time.
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Your children shall have wonderful memories to talk about when they're adults. :-)
Jill Foley said…
Looks and sounds like an amazing place
I love being on the water and your description of the waters around the islands took my breath away. I'd love to cruise on a boat in the water.

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