Bad Homburg

Bad Homburg located just 19 km northwest of Frankfurt on the slope of the Tanus Mountain is a lovely city to visit if you are in the area.  The city is known for its spas and Germans flock here for rest and healing. It is also one of the wealthiest areas in Germany.  If you love cars, you will be impressed to see many luxury cars drive down the street along with many antic cars.  While Bad Homburg does possess a castle, personally I think the city park is the crown jewel of the city. I will apologize in advance for all the photos.  I just couldn't choose.  Walking through the city park is like walking back in time.  My husband and I came upon a pavilion where musicians were playing music for the local crowd which was predominately the over 50 and above, and as we began to stroll through the I could just envision what it may have been like back in 1840's when the town rose in popularity.  I could see the woman in their long dresses and parasols and men in their suits and hats maybe with a beloved dog in tow or a picnic basket in hand.  One gets the sense when in Bad Homburg that you are in a place of luxury.  Bad Homburg was a perfect place to spend our date.
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DUTA said…
Nothing tastier than chips and snitzel, nothing more pleasant than a musical concert in the park.
Nice to see you having such fun.
shayndel said…
Lots of light shines through your photos and smiles!! Spas and castles, parks and fountains, music, ....nice!!! Happy travels!! ♡
Looks like you had a wonderful time.
Su-sieee! Mac said…
I'm glad you couldn't decide which photos to post. I enjoyed looking at them all. Parts of the park reminded me a little bit of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
jesh StG said…
No wonder you couldn't choose - all your views are so different! Great selfie from you both! Love the metal (?) framework in your 3rd photo! Always special to have some muscic going on in a town:) Thank you much for sharing this with All Seasons, Kelleyn! Have fun the last few weeks in Germany:)
Klara said…
neat and pretty place. the atmosphere is really serene.
NC Sue said…
Bad Homburg looks like a Good place to visit!
Thanks for joining us at
Ruth Rieckehoff said…
Lovely! The park looks fantastic. THere is so much to see in the Frankfurt area. I want to go back. By the way, I totally envious by knowing you have easy access to delicious schnitzel!
Angie said…
What a romantic place for a date!!!! I can see why you had a hard time choosing among these pictures … all very interesting shots. I especially like the ornate structures in the park - you're right, they do evoke images of the old days, when ladies would have 'taken the air' in the park!!!
What a beautiful place for your date. I wouldn't be able to narrow down the photos either. It all looked so enchanting and the food looked yummy! You two are such an attractive duo!!

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