Killkenny and A Visit to Dunmore Caves

Kilkenny may not be on everyone's list of places to travel when visiting Ireland, but it is worth the visit.  I really enjoyed visiting the Castle.  The grand ballroom is amazing.  The furniture will bring you back to the end of the 19th century early 20 century, so for all those of you who loved Downton Abbey then you will be in heaven.  After taking a tour of the castle, stroll through the ancient streets, grab a good bite to eat and if you have some more free time on your hands head over to Dunmore Caves.  The kids loved the cave.  A warning to those who have bad knees the descent into the cave is I believe more than 400 stairs.  I can't remember the exact number, but it was a lot.  Really fascinating and goes back millions of year. 


DUTA said…
You went down over 400 stairs? That's the best recipe for ruining ones knees, for sure.
Cave and Castle -- what a great combination of wonders! (Although it sounds like a great name for a British Pub).
Jeanna said…
Wow, I agree with Sallie, the ol' cave and castle, great duo. Some great shots yet I remain fascinated with that toilet.
NC Sue said…
Looks like a lovely trip!
Thanks for joining us at
Jeanie said…
There is so much I love about this post and this series but I think what I love very most is that you are traveling with your mom and your kids and that will be such a wonderful memory for all of you one day. Makes me smile.
Bella Sinclair said…
Oh my! What a fantastic adventure! Truly beautiful. I absolutely love old architecture and the magic of places with long histories. Looks like you are having an incredible and memorable trip. Thanks for taking us along for a tour! :)
After looking at all these photos, I know that we will hav to visit Ireland as well as Wales and Scotland, England...the list goes on. I too really enjoy seeing "old" architecture and it is always amazing to me how well so many places were built so many years ago and remain to this day. And, what wonderful adventures shared with your mother and children!

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