Bad Nauheim Kur Park

I love Bad Nauheim!  Did you know that Elvis lived there in his days in the army?  It is one of my favorite little towns near Frankfurt. I am pretty sure I mentioned in a previous post but I really enjoy walking in the Kur Park.  It is a park with a small little lake, large lawns, with charming restaurants and cafes nearby.  Bad Nauheim is a resort town for the elderly who come to the town to dip in the hot springs and heal from their ailments. I am hoping before I go home to get the opportunity to go get a message and take a dip in the spring waters. My boys went home this morning!  I sure am going to miss them. I love it here in Germany, but I wouldn't be lying if I were to say I wish I was going with them.  I miss home.  It is kind of funny but right now I am craving bar type appetizers which don't really exist here in Germany.  Go figure!  Yesterday, we all went to the park where my husband showed the boys where he played hockey when he was growing up. Then we got hot cocoa at a local bakery.


What nice shots of your family, Kellyn, and looks like a fun outing.
My son spent pretty much all of his time in the Army stationed in Germany. My granddaughter was born while they were there. I've never traveled out of USA, but think it would be interesting that you can travel from one country to another since they are close together same as we travel state to state.

Sounds like a nice visit and the springs would be wonderful to take a dip.

Peabea@Peabea Scribbles
A lovely place, no wonder everyone looks happy. Happy 2018.
Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I really like the family snaps and had to laugh about your oldest. Sounds too familiar for words.
Hard when the grownup" kids leave ... every single time!! But we wouldn't want it any other way would we? That city sounds like the kind of place we should visit for all our elderly aches and pains! (Our children have children at least a decade older than your oldest, so we definitely qualify!)
NatureFootstep said…
lovely images of fun with family :)
Anonymous said…
Forgot that Elvis was once in the Army:) The first year in another country is so full of adjustments - and it's hard when you are separated from your kids, even when you know they're doing okay! Craving for familiar food is another thing:)
Your three daughters are all so cute (and undoubtedly your photo skills!) - thank you for sharing your family photos with All Seasons!
By the way, sent you some updated info by email:)
Enjoy your week!
It looks so green and beautiful there. I would miss my boys too - hugs to you!
Nancy Chan said…
Lovely pictures of your family. My sons won't allow me to post up their photos! Lol!

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