Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Reader

Bouncy and full of life, Addy is finally a reader.  It was like the door was unlocked and all of a sudden she completely understood how it worked.  She hadn't put a book down since last week.  She amazes me at how she really takes the time to sound out all the words.  Love this little constantly talking girl of mine.  Today I had a little interview with her and here are her answers: What is your favorite color-blue, What is your favorite subject at school-math, What is your favorite food-tator-tots What is your favorite thing to do-play American Girls?   Hope all is well in your corner of the world.  I have a few home sick this week.  See you back soon!


Ela said...

She is so sweet :)

Molly said...

I love her jumper


jeannettestgermain said...

Oh, Addy reminds me on my second one - when she was little she did not like reading at all (but we kept feeding reading books:):) ) So, eventually she did, enough that she would ask for books! And your Addy is like mine, a little chatterbox, full of life, and with graceful moves! Enjoy her childhood:) Many thanks for sharing your cute Addy with ALL SEASONS!
Also thanks for your email-reply - I will eventually get back to it, after your kids have returned back to health.

abrianna said...

Congratulations Addy! I used to have a little chatterbox too - now she is older, not so much.

Ida said...

She's adorable looking and how awesome that she loves reading now. It opens up a whole new world for people/kids.

rebecca haegele said...

Wow, jump on that love for math and the doors for her as a woman will be wide open.