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What to watch is always the question as there are so many choices, but if you are like me not so many shows have an appeal. There is either too much violence, too much sex, or too much swearing.  I mean why is it that writers today feel like they have to over dramatize a movie or a book for that fact by adding the above mentioned.  Don't get me wrong, there are some places where I think a swear word has a value because of the subject matter, but I also believe writers and producers have an obligation to be purposeful about it.  Don't just add the above mentioned because you think it is going to draw more crowds as we really don't need it.  Here are my 5 top choices of movies or TV shows that are worth watching right now.  A Dog's Purpose is just a feel good movie.  Bring a box of tissues you will cry. Worth every penny at the box office. While children can definitely attend this movie my 10 year old found it a little too sad.  Not really sure what my 14 year old thought, but he didn't say anything negative, so that is a good sign. Victoria is one to watch right now on PBS.  If you love Masterpiece Theater or Downton Abbey then you will love Victoria.  It was slow to win me over, so keep watching. It is a great depiction of that era in history.  La La Land is such a dream to watch. The movie revitalized the musical and oh the backdrops are just amazing. Frankly, who wouldn't want to spend time looking at Ryan Gosling.  I loved him in the Notebook and I loved him in La La Land. Maybe not every one's cup of tea, but we adored it. Then there is Queen of Katwe another feel good movie and to top it off a true story that takes place in Africa about a poor young woman who becomes a chess champion and through her skills of playing chess is able to obtain an education.  A movie of hope and endurance of the human spirit. This movie is appropriate for children to watch though I would say the movie is geared for the older child.  My girls watched a few minutes of it and then it lost their attention.  Last but not least, Denial also another true story about an Emory professor Deborah Lipstadt ,who was brought to trial in England for deformation of character, by her accuser David Irving. Lipstadt a Holocaust studies professor goes head to head with Irving who is a Holocaust denier in court. Not knowing the outcome of the story beforehand, this movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole movie. Rachel Weisz does and excellent job of portraying Lipstadt. Well, I am off to go see the Lego Batman movie with my son Roman and his friend Bryson.  Having not enjoyed the first Lego movie a good nap will be in my favor in order to survive.  Though I am happy that I get to be with my son.  Hope you have a good weekend!


Maggie said…
Thanks for the recommendations, I must admit that when Victoria was on British TV last year I didn't watch it. Glad you like it though. Have fun with the boys at the Lego movie.
bon weekend.
Christine said…
Thanks for your feedback. I enjoyed Lalaland.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the congrats, Kelleyn! Am following Victoria - just because I wanted to know about her day and age. Always thought that Merlin was a sly character, but here he's filled with integrity...? Anyways, looking forward to see you at Seasons:)
My daughter and her boys..loved A dog's purpose..

Have you watched the show..:"This Is Us"? Now that's a perfect feel good Parenthood used to be..maybe even better..

Mandy Moore etc..
Tanna said…
Yes, I agree with Monique, you might enjoy This is Us. I'm going to have to see about watching Victoria (loved Downton Abbey)! Thank you.
Denise inVA said…
Great reviews, I am half way through watching “The Crown” but would also like to watch “Victoria”. The others you mentioned are now on my list. Thanks so much!
Jeanna said…
Not familiar with Denial but it sounds worth seeing. Is Victoria the PBS show on Masterpiece with Clara Oswald from Dr. Who? I loved the Leggo movie, different cups of tea I guess, lol. I can't handle sad dog movies either! Have heard good and bad about La La Land (mostly good). I did catch Bridge of Spies on Showtime and thought that would have played well on the big screen too. You might want to check that one out.
Thank you for the recommendations, I will keep an eye out for Victoria. I hope the Lego movie is okay.
Klara S said…
I like music in Lalaland, but the end of movie was awful for me.
baili said…
i agree each bit of your above para .
i too don't believe watching things larger than life ,they do not appeal me simply .
glad for the recommendations specially the dog purpose .i want to see it.
LaLa Land is already recommended by my son who adored it it a lot
Anonymous said…
When my kids were little they only watched the happy dog movie series called Lassie:):) Thank you Kelleyn for sharing these movies with ALL SEASONS! Happy Valentine's week (at the end of the week you may be glad it's over)
Thanks for the recommendations. I liked La La Land as well. Have your tried Hidden Figures?
Benita Roberts said…
Thanks so much for the recommendations! I prefer to see movies that someone recommends rather than going into it blindly! Love and hugs!
Nancy Chan said…
I have not been to the movies for a very long time. Like you, I too feel that there are too much violence, sex and swear words.

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