Tallulah Falls

Last Sunday after church, Frank took Winston on a hike in continuing to discover this great state of ours!  He has a goal to visit all 10 of the top waterfalls here in our state.  They went to Tallulah falls which isn't that far from the South Carolina border.  While I enjoy hiking, I am glad I was busy taking Nadja to the airport at it was 90 degrees and to get to the fall you have to climb down a series of 700 stairs.  Not for the faint in heart.  The falls are worth the effort though in my opinion.


Rokeya Sultana said…
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Shay Ankerich said…
A most beautiful falls!!!! Isn't God amazing!!! Xoxo
bettyl-NZ said…
I lived in Toccoa for many years and drove by the gorge quite often, but I never got to the falls so I'm glad to see these photos.

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