Sea World 15

 Happiness is a prezel shaped like Shamu!

 Wet but happy aftertaking a ride on Journey to Atlantis.  
Don't let that looks decieve you! Roman is just pretending to be upset.

Florida called our name this spring break!  Oma flew in from Germany along with the children's cousin and off we drove the next day.  We took a day relaxing by the pool and then it was full steam ahead.  Our first stop Sea World.  The girls were completely amazed by the whales.  We also lucked out in the weather department.  Perfection!  I felt like a bear coming out of winter hybernation.  The sun against my skin felt so good.  


Shay Ankerich said…
What a wonderful vacation!!! Would love to take our kiddos to Sea World!!! Some day!!! Xo
Francesca said…
What a great Oma! Flying with and to grandchildren, and happy to be at Sea World!

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