Volunteer Park Cafe and an Afternoon with Friends.

When we arrived in Seattle my friend Jenna, who I met while living in Switzerland via an expat playgroup, picked Avery and I up from the airport.  She immediately whisked us off to lunch at Volunteer Park Cafe.  The food was so good! Actually it was perfect.  Avery had the chicken noodle soup with a matzo ball and Jenna and I both had a salad made of  organic greens, pears, hazelnuts, and Chevre dressed in a pomegranate vinaigrette.  It was all I could do not to buy one of their amazing giant brownies or any of their other baked good for that matter.  After lunch my friend Jennifer with her daughter and I went to Frenchy's to get our nails done.  What a fun afternoon!

1501 17th Avenue East Seattle, Washington 98112
(206) 328-3155


Shauna said…
Yes! This all looks so good! Super cute pictures. How wonderful to have good friends in far away places. :) Take care,

Shauna xo

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