Thursday, October 17, 2013

Last But Not Least "Corner View"

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to New York City with a good friend of mine.  We had such a amazing time!  So much fun!  I think I need to do more mini trips like this.  I promise I will post more pictures the next couple of days, but I want to share with you my very important news.  My Last but not least news which is kind of stretching it (this one was a hard one), We finally got LOA!!  LOA  is a letter from China stating they accept our proposal to adopt Avery!  I never thought the letter would come and after 56 days I was starting to loose hope that we may travel by the end of the year, but as we were walking through Central Park I got the e-mail stating it had arrived.  I just about did a jig!  Well, my kids are out of school early and I have to rush them off to the dentist.  More photos to follow very soon.  


Susanna R. said...

what a beautiful photo of NY! Is this picture from you too?

Shauna said...

So happy for you Kelleyn. I can't wait until you have baby girl in your arms, for your daughter to have a sister and your sons to have sisters. :) Love,

Shauna xo

Francesca said...


babies said...

this is big, biggest, greatest news.