The Story of Bacon

I can't believe summer is almost over or at least for us who live in Georgia!  Schools starts in two weeks.  There are still so many things I want to do with the kids before they go back to school.  Today we are just hanging out at the house.  It was a beautiful morning and we spent it in the pool.  Addy is now sleeping and the house is kind of quiet.  Roman is playing club penguin and Winston is packing his backpack for his camping trip tomorrow with the Boy Scouts.  They are sleeping out somewhere in the forest.  He is so excited.  We bought him a pack on Tuesday at REI.  Frank and Harris are in Utah.  Harris will be attending EFY at BYU!  What is EFY (Especially for Youth).  It is for children ages 14-18 and is a week long conference where they get to know others with the same religious beliefs, come closer to God, and most importantly have fun; however, before Frank drops him off on Monday they are going to do some hiking.  I have already received an e-mail showing me what they had for lunch (German), so it looks like they are off to a good start.  Now you are probably wondering what is the story with Bacon.  My family minus Frank loves bacon!  I had some left over from the other night when I made spaghetti carbonara  and so I cooked it up.  Winston exclaims, "If you can't say it with words, than say it with Bacon."  I am assuming this might be some phrase from a TV commercial.  It cracked me up though.  He was drooling like the golden retriever in the commercial who runs around saying, "Bacon, Bacon, Bacon."  I took the leftovers and chopped them up and threw them in the chocolate chip cookie dough I was making.  The results were as I suspected-delicious!  Well, I am off to go back the rest of the gangs suitcases.  We are off to Colorado to hang with family and my best friend of 27 years.  I am so excited.  Have a great weekend!  What is on your agenda?  Do your kids go back to school soon and if not do you have any summer trips still in the works?  Do tell me!


dawn said…
bacon is more valuable that diamonds and platinum in this house.
we head back to school in 4 no no. and I am trying to fit a quick jaunt to somewhere in before it happens.
Dana said…
Oh dear...I've sworn that our oven wont be used in this hot Italian summer...don't make me do it in the name of bacon! Lol.

Two weeks?!
I still have about a month to go & our daughter's Italian school doesn't begin until mid-September. Lucky girl.

Enjoy Colorado.
Jennifer F said…
Bacon in cookies...mmm...
We love bacon here too...and in France it's hysterical, it comes in all sorts of forms, slices, pieces, more fat, less fat...took me a bit of getting use to when we arrived as each cut has a different name - the name bacon is actually more like Canadian bacon in cut. Love it in Spinach salad!

We still have more than a month before school begins...the kids are enjoying the relaxation of those lazy days of summer. We are enjoying festivals, the beach and just little trips close by. We will spend 10 days off in the Dordogne region(2 hours East of us) in early August - looking forward to that time.

Enjoy your travels and last couple of weeks!
Danelle M said…
Our summer is almost over too. Sounds like you have a lot of fun planned before the kids go back to school though. Have a great time in Colorado!
Anonymous said…
We area neighbors!!! I live in S.C.. We have home schooled for 12 years now. My oldest is in college, at Benedictine in Kansas. :( and yes he goes back to school sooner then I wish. Two will be going to the college here for High school and college credits and then my youngest will be home with me. Ready set go!!!! ugh!!! I love summer when we get to play and not worry about all things school.

Bacon on cookies???? I don't know - I can fully understand Oreos in chocolate chip cookies but bacon? Hmmmmm I do have some kids that would be on board with you here but . . . I think more chocolate goes with chocolate and tomatoes go with bacon.

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