Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Part 2

Baskets filled
Hearts uplifted by the good news
family enjoyed
family traditions continued
Greatful for my beautiful family!


fuoriborgo.com said...

happy easter!

tinajo said...

You have a lovely family! :-)

marie said...

Looks like my house: family, food and goodies. My kids loved Wreck It Ralph, they just saw it again over the weekend. I was making food in the kitchen but from what I did catch it was very cute.

Z said...

the kids look so happy with their baskets:)
New follower here!

Danelle M said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! Have a great week!

my3 kids said...

Cute pictures...Happy Easter:)


Shauna said...

I'm assuming the first pic is your mom, beautiful woman, as are you. I love that picture of her. I love her outfit, the whole pose is classic. Glad you are all so happy. Love,

Shauna xo

ashley said...

Happy Easter! darling kiddos :)

Siya Kumar said...

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