Monday, January 7, 2013


Hi!  Did you have a great weekend!  We did!  On Saturday, I took Winston bowling with his friend Matthew.  They had a great time.  I rented a movie "The Life of Timothy Green."  Such a great movie!  A box of tissues is necessary for watching this movie. Then I spent some time reading a book called "The Art of Racing in the Rain."  My oldest son read it first for school and now I am reading it! Do you ever read books your children read.  He likes it when I read his books. I am not really sure if the book is appropriate for a 13 year old.  It is pretty heavy and has some really grown up topics.  The boys went back to school today.  It was nice to get back to my routine.  Other than that, not much is going on.  I am taking a photography class this coming weekend, and I am so excited.  I am determined to really understand my camera this year.  Well, I better get going.  I need to go start dinner.  I think I am going to make meatloaf.    Before I go, I just wanted to show you the Christmas quilt I made with my mother before I put it away.  I really like how it came out!  Hope you are having a great Monday!  What did you do this weekend?


Dianne said...

Very cute quilt! Vibrant, yet soothing colors. Had to drive all over town to find the Odd Life of Timothy Green, it was worth it! Tissues and all.
Have a great week!

Francesca said...

photography class sounds so good! i too would love to learn more about my camera, but either i'm not determined enough, or i just find the manual too intimidating ... a class sound just like the perfect thing!

Shauna Klippel said...

I love the quilt! And so great to be taking a photography class!!! I want to do the same, really understand my camera.

Love all of the posts. Great New years pictures. Thanks for checking in...


Shauna xoxoxoxo

:) said...

I did... farniente ;) and it was nice.

Have a nice week.

iris said...

I just watched "The Life of Timothy Green" as an airplane movie the other day. It was pretty entertaining, even for a child-free adult :)