A Day at the Slopes "Utah"

One of these days, I am going to get back on my skis and ski (it's been 12 years), but until then I am going to enjoy watching my children become better skiers with each trip we make to Utah.  We always go to Alta and the reason for this is that no snowboarders are allowed which makes for better snow and it is the highest ski resort in the Salt Lake area which means they usually have enough snow early on in the season.  The valley can get pretty smoggy in the winter, but once you start climbing the mountain the sky becomes clearer and most of the time you are blessed with sunshine even if the temperatures are in the single digits.  Harris graduated from ski school this trip and Winston is now on level 5.  Winston went from being scared of the mountain to being super confident with a real desire to learn how to ski well.  Unfortunately, Roman never got to go skiing since he caught the stomach flu.  We also think that maybe 4 is just a little to early to start though we so many small children on the mountain.  Next time!


Emily said…
Wow! That's the mountain where you were skiing? Impressive!

I hope Roman's feeling better!
Wow wow wow! I wish you and your lovely family a happy new year!!!
Francesca said…
looks like Switzerland! :)
liza said…
I've always wanted to ski at Alta! It looks like it was a great time for the boys. I hope Roman enjoys it when he does try!

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