I month old

Oh sweet Addy, I can't believe you are a month old. It seems like yesterday that you were placed in my arms for the first time. Each day I treasure holding you in my arms and take in deep breaths of your yummy heavenly baby smell. I don't want to take one minute for granted because I know that before I know it you will no longer be a baby even though you will always be my baby.  Papa and I gave you your first real bath this week.  You actually didn't mind the water and were very patient with us.    Your such a good baby. 
                                               Happy 1 month sweetheart!


Oh my goodness, I adore that picture of Addy and Frank.
Francesca said…
Addy's brothers must have been so happy about their little sister's cake :) Happy 1 month!
cate said…
happy 1 month, sweet girl! she is so tiny and adorable, kelleyn. soak up this time with her. mmmmm.
Kelly said…
Look at that baby. So adorable. I can't believe mine were ever that small. Enjoy it.
Arctic Mum said…
Hi, happy one month old! I can imagine it must be a lot of work pumping, and the feeding takes twice as long - and combining with summer activities for three older boys...busy! And I thought WE were busy, but having only two more! Next week is back to kindergarten and school though...We've bought a trampoline for the garden, that proves to be a good investmest all the time the girls can jump and I can nurse and change 10 diapers a day. By the way, for the first time we have a baby who takes the dummy!! Heaven. My other two both refused the dummy and the bottle, so this is new.

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