6th Grade Trip to Epcot and Seaworld

Last week Harris traveled to Florida with his 6 grade class to Orlando to go to Epcot and Sea world. He had a blast and came home totally exhausted. Epcot was a first for Harris. We have never been there before. Always wanted to, but we just haven't gotten around to it. When asked what his favorite part of Epcot was he said his favorites were the Fast Track car racing experience and Mission Control. On the third day they went to Sea World. We have been to Sea World many times. Of course his favorite  part was the roller coasters.


Dana said…
What a lucky little boy! It's great to be Harris right about now. I hope that she is soaking in all the wonderfulness of Germany.
Menthe Blanche said…
It's a great destination for children. They will keep lots of memories!
Lucky boy ;)
Have a nice week end.
Awesome field trip beats the zoo any day!
tinajo said…
Lucky boy - I´d love to see that! :-)
Joyce said…
I wish I had this kind of field trip when I was in 6th grade!! We went a dairy farm!! xo
Danelle said…
Wow! That's quite an exciting 6th grade trip! Is that the last year of elementary? Our is 5th grade, but their big trip is up to the mountains at the beginning of the year.

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