The Littlest Angel

On Thursday, Roman's preschool had it's annual Christmas program. The program is pretty funny because they include even the toddlers who can't really sing but sit there while the music is playing. One baby cried. Roman's class dressed as angels and sang Joy to the World. Though they played background music he actually does know the words. I might actually have a singer in my family. Yahoo!

Roman is the second angel on the left.


That is so sweet--I love it!
Danelle said…
I miss going to the preschool programs. So cute!
Oh my goodness Kellyn! What a little angel. I bet it was the absolute cutest Christmas show ever. He is a sweetie.
Francesca said…
It must have been very moving event for you!
Buckeroomama said…
Aww, SWEET!!

Psst, my scheduled post for tomorrow features my littlest angel, too. :)
Maddy said…
Adorable!! Can't wait until my nephews get to be old enough to put on school plays :)

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