It might be a little Early

It might be a little early to announce because well it is very early, but I am

9 weeks pregnant!
Sshh! I am not very good at keeping secrets!
Anyway, I can use your well wishes and prayers.
After many prayers and waiting our prayers have been answered.
Well, I better get back to packing we are leaving in the morning.


Anonymous said…
Woooo Hooooo!!!!! The best Christmas present ever!! xo~Gina
Dana said…
Hooray! What great news! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy the cruise,Kelleyn!
Oh, congratulations! Your prayers have been answered!
Kim N said…
Congrats Kelleyn! Good luck to you and I hope you have a most fabulous vacation.
Joyce said…
This is WONDERFUL news! By all means I will include you in my prayers. You have so much to celebrate this season. Enjoy your trip! xo
Kelly said…
Congratulations! That is great news.

I am SO excited for you! I'm praying for you, for sure!!!
Bonnie said…
WOW that is amazing!! It's your 4th right? Oh boy brace yourself!! we will defiantly keep you and your family in our prayers!
Francesca said…
This is great news, Kelleyn! Hugs!
Emily said…
Hooray!!! Big, big congrats!
sandals said…
Congrats! Hopefully this is your girl! ;)
Jenna said…
YAY K! Congratulations! I pray that you and the baby are healthy. It's a Christmas Miracle!
Wow, congratulations!! Lots of prayers and good wishes sent your way! xx
Ayak said…
Congratulations and lots of good wishes for the future xxx
What wonderful, happy news to share during the holiday season! Sending you prayers and wishes for a smooth and healthy pregnancy!
PigletinFrance said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Wow wee, I wish I had checked in sooner!!!

I will cross everything limb of my body for you and I wish you bucket loads of well being.

How are you feeling? Not too icky?

Happy Christmas in any case, what a wonderful present to yourself!
tanïa said…
Good news so shortly before Christmas! Most wonderful present! Best wishes for your pregnancy!! :)
Andrea Winn said…
How wonderful! Congrats, congrats!!
congratulations, and merry holidays!
Grey Lemon said…
Congratulations!!! Reaching 28w here!
Wish you a wonderful XMAS to you and all your family!
xo -G.
Leesa said…
WOW!! A HUGE congrats to you and your husband!!!

LOVELY news..

Merry Christmas to you all!!!
Arctic Mum said…
Congratulations! And I may have some news myself soon..
Stephanie Faris said…
Allison said…
Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Oh, what exciting news!!! I know you had mentioned before that you had thought about number four... maybe this time pink will be the color, or maybe it's just easier to stick with what you know, right? ; ) Whatever the outcome, I wish you a pleasant and happy pregnancy (as pleasant as one can have). Sunny skies should be just the thing you need... enjoy your vacation!

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