Hello Spring and New friends

Today, I have invited a new friend over for lunch. I am so excited! Now if only spring wouldn't keep alluding us. I hear though that warmer tempetures are on there way. Happy Spring!


mmmm, yummy! I wish I was coming...for the friendship and the food!
Dana said…
hope it went well :)
Francesca said…
Hope you had a nice time with your friend, happy spring!
Adorable friend ! Have a nice day ;)
Angie Muresan said…
And what a beautiful table you've set!
Cate said…
did you save a cupcake for me? those look divine. is that sugared violets on top? lucky new friend!
sunnymama said…
Looks yummy! Happy Spring. :)
Jenna said…
What a lovely table! I look forward to decorating my table just as pretty when you come to visit!
CrowNology said…
Looks fun and delicious!
Thanks for visiting my space and for the nice comment.
Happy Spring.

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