Friday, December 25, 2009

Alta, Utah

Alta, Utah
My boys love to ski! Winston took to it like a natural. He spent six days in ski school and is now on level 4. Mostly, they had fantastic weather. The last run the boys made was Sugarloaf. It is 10, 500 feet. The weather was bitter cold with 10 degrees fahrenheit, but despite all of this he made it down. We are so proud of him! This was Harris fourth trip to Alta and he has now graduated from ski school. He is ready to ski the black diamonds. Frank has realized he is no longer a spring chicken and needs a break between ski days. He can't wait to ski with the boys all day. The boys love to ski at Alta because they do not allow snowboarders. The resort is also pretty much empty the week before Christmas which means no long lines and plenty of individual attention at the ski school.

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Rocks In The Wash said...

What a wonderful Christmas vacation!!! How long are you here for? Merry Christmas to you and your family. A