Tel Aviv Part 1

All over Tel Aviv there are cats
View of Jaffa
The Beach Promenade

Statue of Faith

We woke up to a gorgeous day and gorgeous weather. Frank had to leave for his conference at the University, so I ventured out on my own by walking along the beach. Since the museum was closed, I stopped into the tourist office and asked for ideas of what I should see. They advised me that the city of Jaffa was not too far of a walk and that there was lots of nice things to see there. If you are familiar with the Bible, Jaffa is the city that Jonah was in when he refused to go to Nineveh and was thus eaten by a whale. The walk walk turned into being about a 3 mile walk, but with the beautiful weather I didn't mind. Jaffa is an interesting city because since it is a harbor town it has been destroyed many times during sieges by different countries like the Romans and the Turks. Today the buildings of Old Jaffa house what is known as the artist quarter. The area is really charming. One could spend hours wandering through the alleys. Before returning to my hotel, I crossed over the Wishing Bridge. Legend has it that if you old onto your Zodiac sign while looking at the ocean your wish will come true. I guess time will tell if my wish comes true. On the way home, I had a gelato from one of the small cafes that line the beach. I tried Havlah which taste of sesame and honey. It was pretty good.


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