P is for Pumpkins

Today the children were off from school for Columbus Day weekend. There was no way I was going to spend any of that day stuck in the house. The weather is still really nice here. The daily average temperatures are still in the 70's. I packed everyone in the car including Nana, and off we went. Our destination was Amicola Falls near Dahlonaga. We made it there, but before I could unpack the stroller Harris had accidentally pushed Winston down in a game of tag. He put a two inch gash in Winston's knee. Being at least 90 minutes away from Children's I found the visitor center and patched up his knee. On our way home we stopped at Burt's Pumpkin Farm. Winston wasn't crying and didn't seem to be in much pain. It would have been a shame to miss this pumpkin patch. The boys begged to be able to get out and get a pumpkin. I couldn't resist. The place was amazing! They had the biggest pumpkins I had ever seen. Some were as big as the children. My favorite were these bluish looking ones. The boys loved the warty pumpkins. We also couldn't resist the hayride. Then it was off to Children's where it turned out that he needed stitches. He screamed bloody murder. Next time, I am going to have them knock him out slightly. It took 4 of us to hold him down.


Mel said…
I lOVE this place, your pics are amazing, and bravo to you for doing both trips (to the patch and the er) by yourself!
iNdiaNa said…
I'm glad you found this place... we go every year as a tradition. And it's funnybecause to us it's no big deal now, but whenever we have friends or family come visit this time of year they always want to go. Meaning=we've been 3 time this year already. You should try some of their pumpkin butter from their shop. It's to die for!

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