The Dominican Republic and Cruise Life

Hello, my friends! I hope you had a great weekend.  Sunday was so absolutely lovely here with a gorgeous sunny day and 75 degrees in comparison to today which is about 65 and pouring down rain.  I guess Georgia can't make up its mind whether it is winter or spring.  I am trying to muster up the motivation to go to the gym, but I am not feeling it.  I also need to go to the grocery store as Mondays are the day I do our shopping.  Oh well, I guess I should get up and get dressed; however, I do want to leave you with some photos from our cruise.  On day 4 of the cruise, we stopped in the Dominican Republic.  We didn't really plan any excursions and most of our gang was not motivated to get off the ship so it was just Harris, Avery and myself.  Our ship docked in the port of Romano and they did offer to little last-minute excursion one of which was to an Old Town and has now been converted to an artist village and into the city center.  We boarded a little train and drove 5 minutes into town.  The only downside was that there was no getting off, so we didn't have an opportunity to walk around and explore.  I also have a feeling that it may not have been very safe given the train had a private police escort.  Here are a few things we saw, and included are a few photos from on the ship.


NCSue said…
I enjoyed the time I spent in the Dominican Republic. A beautiful island.
Thanks for sharing at
Lovely photos! The sky is so blue!! Wishing I could see a blue sky here! Your trip helped me with that today! Thank you!
Veronica Lee said…
I enjoyed the gorgeous photos from your trip.

Happy Tuesdsay!
While the DR would not be one of my personal travel destinations, it looks like a wonderful time was enjoyed by all.
Linda said…
Nice to see those great smiles! I like the idea of a mural on a phone pole.
William Kendall said…
The old church draws my eye.

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