Hello, my friends!   I hope you had a wonderful New Years' Eve!  We spent the evening here at home with a box of fireworks.  I also bought some party hats, cupcakes, and some sparkling apple cider.  The children were over the moon. Given that my husband had an early flight the next morning, we set to work setting off the fireworks around 8 pm.  It was a perfect evening.  We have been home from our cruise for a few days and I have been getting to work putting away the wash, refilling the refrigerator, and getting over a stomach bug that has been on and off for the past week.  I actually got sick the evening of the day we spent in Curacao; however, I do know it had nothing to do with the island because I didn't eat anything on the island.  We boarded the ship on the 21st and spent 8 nights aboard.  Curacao was by far my favorite destination, so I will start with it first.  Our main goal for the trip was to keep it simple and relaxing, so we just spent the day on Curacao at the beach.  We went to a place called Blue Bay which was lovely. It took about a 10-minute shuttle ride to get there which cost us around 60 US dollars and another 42 to get into the resort but that covered the umbrellas, restrooms, and chairs. The water was clean, warm, and it was exactly all that we needed.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos. Great beach and everybody looks like they are enjoying the day. I hope you are feeling 100%. Susan
I've been to Curacao - it's a fun place. Lovely family photos!
Shiju Sugunan said…
Beautiful pics! Children and water are made for each other :)
Sorry to read that you were sick with a stomach bug, Kelleyn. It seems to be going around here in NH as well. Looks like everyone sure enjoyed that beach and sunshine!
junieper/jesh said…
Maybe you know, Curacao once was one of the Dutch colonies. It is even more subtropical and glorious than I imagined it to be! A great getaway for the middle of winter:) Sorry, that bug prevented you from fully enjoying your cruise:( Am happy you were still well enough to handle the camera for All Seasons (many thanks!). Hope and wish for an awesome 2020 year for you and your family!
I had to look up where you are - so I learnt something today. It looks lovely. So sorry you were sick, and I hope it didn't disrupt your plans too much. Some times it is nice to just have a day of rest. Best wishes for 2020, and thank you for visiting my blog today and for your prayers for Australia.
Great photos of the family and the local wildlife! Hope you feel better already. Best wishes for 2020.
eileeninmd said…

Wonderful photos from Curacao. MY hubby and I spent a week there, traveling around the island, it is a beautiful and friendly place. Sorry you were sick, I hope you are feeling better. Happy New Year, I wish you and yours all the best in 2020. Happy Monday, wishing you a great day and a happy new week!
DUTA said…
Curacao sounds great! As usual, beautiful pictures of kids and activities!
Have a terrific New Year!
Phil Slade said…
Curacao is a place I have read about only. It looks and sounds delightful.
William Kendall said…
The lizard is a formidable one.
That looks like a great cruise destination!

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