Curacao Part Two

Hi!  I hope all is going well in your little corner of the world.  It has been raining like cats and dogs here, but I am not too sad about it as it has given us a chance to rest our bodies.  We have been watching movies, organizing spots in the house that are long overdue, and trying some new recipes as my son Winston has decided to become a vegan.  So back to Curacao, after having spent the afternoon we went back to the city and walked around a little.  Nothing, of course, was open except a handful of restaurants given it was Christmas, but it was fun to see this beautiful little city. The big boys ended the day with a sushi dinner and the little girls and I got pizza which by the way was fantastic.  Bravo to Carnival for pulling off a pizza that tastes like pizza from Italy. Well, I gotta run but stayed tuned for more photos of our cruise.


To maintain a vegan diet is difficult and must be especially so when travelling. At our stage in life I am sure we are not going to become vegetarians but we have cut back on meat substantially and have eliminated beef altogether. We have found some great vegetarian recipes.
Veronica Lee said…
Love, love, love the gorgeous photos! I hope to visit
Curacao someday!

Happy Wednesday!
Birgitta said…
Cool and nice photos!
Nancy Chan said…
Great photos from your holiday! I like pizzas.
Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of your trip with lots of smiling faces!
betty-NZ said…
Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I an ALMOST adjusted to Christmas in the summer so I can appreciate Santa in the sand :)

My Corner of the World
So enjoying traveling along with with your photos. Sounds like a great cruise.
William Kendall said…
It looks like you're having fun.

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