Taughannock Falls

Crazy to think my children go back to school in the morning.  Summer went by fast, but at the same time, I am just a little bit or maybe a lot bit happy that they are going back to school.  This mamma is tired. Who am I kidding?  This mamma is a lot bit tired, and I am looking towards my 5 day getaway to Anchorage, Alaska.  I am going back to Anchorage for my 30-year class reunion.  It will be fun to see everyone I grew up with and sadly mourn a friend who passed away last week in a fatal car accident.  It still doesn't seem real.  My friend was only 47.  There are just no words that make any sense for her early departure from this life.

Well, I am almost to an end on my epic summer road trip.  After this post all there is left to share is Niagara Fall and Buffalo. So Thank you to all those who have followed along with this summer and if you have missed the road trip and would like to see where we went this summer please feel free to go back and see any of the previous posts. 

Taughannock Falls was not on our original places to visit, but I am so glad about the happy discovery.  The falls are located just 7 miles from Cornell University.  The falls are assessable to all as you can literally drive up to them.  No hiking is required to see them; however, if you would like to get a close up to look at them you can climb down a series of steps to see them.  We would have liked to have seen Watkins Glen State Park and Waterfalls but that hike was too strenuous for my mother.  Reportedly, that hike involves a lot of stairs.  Next time!  Taughannock is the tallest waterfall in North America.  It was beautiful!  Definitely, worth stopping and seeing if you are traveling that way.  I imagine the finger lake region is probably even more gorgeous in the fall with all the fall colors.


William Kendall said…
Quite a beautiful waterfall!
Barbara Rogers said…
Glad to see all those tiny people down at the foot of the falls. It is beautiful and so TaLL!
You and your family have had an adventurous summer. Sorry to hear about your friend’s untimely passing. Enjoy your trip to Anchorage for the reunion. The waterfall is certainly impressive.

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