Palmyra, New York

After leaving Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire which should really be named the tri-states because one crosses the state lines of these three states so frequently when living there or visiting there, but I know this is reserved for New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania we headed to Palmyra, New York.  Each summer my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints) puts on a pageant; however, next summer will be the final year. The pageant is about the Book of Mormon and what it is about.  The pageant is pretty incredible because it involves a 1000 actors who only have 5 days to practice but yet somehow pull off the 90-minute play without a hitch. The plays central message is about God's love for us and not so much on the characters in the Book of Mormon itself nor is it so much about Joseph Smith.  The pageant is set outdoors and doesn't begin till dark.  One of my favorite moments was Jesus Resurrection.  Though he isn't flying in the sky it looks like it because no other lights are on except on him.  Another cool moment, was when they opened the pageant with a prayer and despite there being 8,000 people in the audience with a majority of them being small children could hear a pin drop.  It was amazing!  Prior to seeing the pageant, we walked around Joseph Smith's home and the town of Palmyra.  My best friend of 33 years and her family came and it was fun hanging out with her and her family.  Picture overload apology in advance, but I didn't want to break the post into multiple postings.  Sorry!


 Addy doesn't wear glasses, but she likes to pretend she does.
These glasses came from the dollar store.

Example of a 19th-century farm.
Home to Joseph Smith Jr and his family 1816-1830's


Barbara Rogers said…
THanks so much for sharing your family and friends, as well as a historic site. I love seeing that area and the history surrounding it, and your church. The actors were costumed so well, I could almost guess who was who!
R's Rue said…
Beautiful photos. I'd love to visit.
Wow that was quite the event with such elaborate costumes. Thanks for sharing the events through your blog post, Kellyn. Also nice to see yourself included in a photo.
Only a few days to practice? Hope everyone pulled it off! The costumes are so creative - amazing! Would have done the same, one post of the same event! i would have wanted to see how they did the resurrection of Jesus:) Thank you for keeping us up to date with your Season, Kelleyn! Have a great week ahead!
riitta k said…
So happy faces & great costumes <3
NCSue said…
This looks like such fun! Love the costumes.
Thanks for linking up at
Looks like everyone had a wonderful day at the pageant. What amazing period costumes. - Margy
Mary K. said…
So many happy faces in your photos. I know they will all have a great time watching this amazing play!
Linda said…
Great images! Love the costumes and smiling faces.

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